Anchoring Ban for 2016 explained

In the adrenaline pumped world of golf, a major controversy has been stirring. One that outsiders are most likely completely unaware of. A rule change banning anchoring that is set for 2016 has caused outrage. However, before you fall off the edge of your seat, we must explain said controversy.

The USGA is the United States’ governing body for the rules of golf. Every four years the rules of golf are updated and most changes are met with open arms or unanimous acceptance. However this ban had many people (especially casual golfers that had been using this method for decades) shaking their heads with disapproval.

Anchoring is the act of “intentionally holding the club in contact with any part of the body”. The concept of sticking the putter into your body for use as a fulcrum may be odd to those that are unfamiliar with the idea. However, is an example of a major championship winner using the technique.

Photo by : Town Post Network

Photo by : Towne Post Network

Some people have openly criticized it, deeming that it keeps players’ hand more steady.  Others agree with the ban in the professional ranks but say that the casual player should be able to use it freely. Despite the controversy, people have reacted by creating new methods to make the transition easier.

The USGA rules state one exception “A player may hold the club or a gripping hand against a hand or forearm” (as the body is no longer being used as an “anchor”). Below is an example

wrist anchor

Remember: Many misleading headlines may read that the USGA is doing away with the long putter, however this is a misconception. It is not the type of putter that the USGA is banning, but rather the act of anchoring (“intentionally holding the club in contact with any part of the body”.)

Meaning this this would not be acceptable:

goofy anchor


Click to access 2016-anchoring-the-club-final.pdf

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