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Monthly Archives: March 2016

One of the most difficult parts of golf is taking the round “one shot at a time” while simultaneously playing for position on the next shot. Keeping a hole by hole record of how many over (or under) you are on the round, is one of the most destructive mental habits that many juniors fall into. It is tempting to want to know where you stand, and at the same time it… Read More

  Today marks the start of the World Golf Championship Dell match play; the only week of the year where the PGA tour plays a different format then we are used to seeing. Normally a PGA tour event consists of four rounds (72 holes) of stroke play, in which the total score in relation to par is tallied up for each day. For example -13 after the third round means -13 after… Read More

The most important shot in golf is the next one. – Ben Hogan

We hear on TV the pros mention a step in their pre-shot routine where they “visualize” the shot. This goes way beyond the simple act of finding a target or getting the distance right. By visualize they mean having a mental picture in their head of exactly what they want to happen. The player sees vividly the intended flight of the ball and it landing on the target. However visualization goes beyond… Read More