We hear on TV the pros mention a step in their pre-shot routine where they “visualize” the shot. This goes way beyond the simple act of finding a target or getting the distance right. By visualize they mean having a mental picture in their head of exactly what they want to happen. The player sees vividly the intended flight of the ball and it landing on the target.

However visualization goes beyond the golf course. Before a big round players visualize shots they will face the next day, (sort of like day dreaming). These day dreams are much more than simple thoughts, rather they are an experience that should be imagined using all five senses.

Visualization is linked to real life success. When we experience what we want in a vivid day dream, we convince our brain that it’s real. Therefore the mind is already prepared for performing the task when needed. When we have experienced a shot through visualization, we will be more comfortable when the time comes to execute that shot.

Weir, John. Golfers Guide to Mental Fitness: How to Train Your Mind and Achieve Your Goals Using Self-hypnosis and Visualization. Orlando, FL: Mental Golf Academy, 2014. Print.

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