What Is the Masters?

The Masters is probably the most well-known golf event of the year. Taking pace at Augusta National Golf Club in Augusta Georgia, the tournament holds a field of 49 of the top 50 players in the world and amateur Champions from different continents.

The golf course is always in amazing shape and is heralded as the best kept golf course in the world. Some have even described setting foot on the grounds as feeling like they “died went to heaven”.

The winner will be adorned with the Green Jacket, and will go down in golf history as one of the winners of the first major of the year.

Masters facts to know:

  1. Amen Corner: the nickname for the stretch of golf consisting of the second shot at the 11th, the par three 12th and the first two shots at the par five 13th.
  2. Pimento cheese sandwiches are the signature meal of choice served at the concession stands.
  3. Jack Nicklaus has the most Masters wins with a total of six.
Photo by Curiouser*Curiouser

Photo by Curiouser*Curiouser

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