Training Aid Bag

Sometimes the golf bag can get cluttered with items that you don’t use every time you play; making it unnecessarily heavy. I’ll never for get the time that I played in a high school golf match in which my coach pulled me aside to ask what was in my bag (since I was walking, and I looked a little bogged down).  To his amazement he found, a multitude of training aids, extra gloves, two dozen balls, a rain jacket, an umbrella(there was 0% chance of rain), and finally a stash of snacks for the course. That day the only essential items were the snacks.

Therefore one should consider bringing a bag (like the one pictured bellow) to the course.


This way all of the training aids can be put in once place, where you wouldn’t have to remember them all. This makes it easy to have all equipment handy just in case you want to practice something that you haven’t thought about for a while or simply put less strain on yourself for those days of walking the course.

Partially disassembled bag pictured below:


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