Positive Self Talk

One way to create an impact on your golf game and self-esteem is through positive self-talk. No, this doesn’t entail you being over joyed and giggly when out on the golf course (though smiling tends to help).

Positive self-talk actually means re-enforcing in yourself what you want to do and achieve.

Step 1: Get rid of the don’ts: It has been scientifically proven that the words “don’t” and “not” (negatives) rarely register in our subconscious minds. In fact, “do” and “don’t” register subconsciously in the same way. That is why when we say “don’t hit it in the water” as we usually do, our mind registers the word “water,” assumes it to be the goal, and sends the ball flying right toward the subconscious target (the lake). However, according to John Weir, a golf mental performance coach, and author of Golfers Guide to Mental Fitness, thinking positive can be a powerful attribute to golfers. He explained that our body will respond to the direction of the thoughts we plant in our mind. Therefore, if we redirect our attention by using positive statements of where we want to actually hit the shot, it is more useful in creating a more desirable result. So instead of saying “don’t go in the water” replace the negative with a positive goal by affirming something like, “I want to hit the left side of the green” or “let’s hit the fairway”.

Step 2: Embed positive thoughts in the mind:  During our conversation, John also mentioned the importance of utilizing positive thoughts off of the course. Rather than saying, “I am struggling” or “I am having difficulty doing (…),” statements like “I’m improving”, “I am learning to (…),” “I’m a great putter”, or “every time a step over a golf shot I feel ready and confident” can have a positive impact on one’s confidence. By taking the time to introduce these positive thoughts into your thought process, your golf game and self-esteem will improve simultaneously.

John’s book is great for golfers of all levels, I use the techniques daily. His book can be found at Amazon or by clicking here: http://www.golfersguidetomentalfitness.com/

For more information on John click the link below:


One Comment on “Positive Self Talk

  1. I completely agree. I have written several articles on the power of positive thinking in golf and believe it is a game changer! Thanks for reminding me how important positive self talk really is.


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