What Is The Open Championship?

The Open Championship is the third of the four majors on the professional golf schedule. Many golf fans call it the British Open but its official title is The Open Championship. “The Open” as it is also referred is the oldest of the four majors. The first was held in 1860, 156 years ago! The Open is regarded by many, especially European players, as the most prestigious tournament in the world of golf.

The trophy for The Open called the Claret Jug; and it is one of the most renown in the world of sports.

Claret Jug

Claret Jug

The Claret Jug has been passed around since 1873 (seeing its fair share of celebrations).

Unlike the Masters that is held at Augusta National every year, The Open has a rotation of links-style golf courses that the tournament cycles through. Each of them has seen hall-of-famers from every generation from the very early days of golf through present day.


The most famous of the venues is the Old Course at St Andrews in St Andrews Scotland. Due to its deep history as the home of golf the tournament is held there every five years (more frequent than the other venues).


In fact last year’s Open was held at St Andrews and The Champion Golfer of the Year (as the winner is referred) was Zach Johnson.


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