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The Open Championship is the third of the four majors on the professional golf schedule. Many golf fans call it the British Open but its official title is The Open Championship. “The Open” as it is also referred is the oldest of the four majors. The first was held in 1860, 156 years ago! The Open is regarded by many, especially European players, as the most prestigious tournament in the world of… Read More

Golf equipment was not always the same as it is today, with high tech composite crowns in the club heads or shafts tested by special robots designed to swing a golf club. The evolution of the driver, though constant year after year, can be broken down into three major categories. The first is hickory shafted clubs or clubs with a wooden head and shaft. This is why woods are called woods, simply… Read More

One way to create an impact on your golf game and self-esteem is through positive self-talk. No, this doesn’t entail you being over joyed and giggly when out on the golf course (though smiling tends to help). Positive self-talk actually means re-enforcing in yourself what you want to do and achieve. Step 1: Get rid of the don’ts: It has been scientifically proven that the words “don’t” and “not” (negatives) rarely register… Read More

The one question I ask myself after every putt is not “did it go in?” but rather, “did it roll line over line?” By that I mean, did the ball have a smooth roll, end over end (or head over heels). This is a great way to test the purity of a putting stroke and is relatively simple. First, draw a line all the way around the golf ball. Then set up… Read More

Target and trajectory are the two keys to hitting successful short game shots. Pitching, (much like chipping just hit with higher loft) is used when we want to fly the ball farther in the air instead of hitting a shot that is low to the ground. My great-uncle and World Golf Hall of Fame inductee Christy O’Connor Sr. told me a great drill that can be used to work on pitching at… Read More

The Masters is probably the most well-known golf event of the year. Taking pace at Augusta National Golf Club in Augusta Georgia, the tournament holds a field of 49 of the top 50 players in the world and amateur Champions from different continents. The golf course is always in amazing shape and is heralded as the best kept golf course in the world. Some have even described setting foot on the grounds… Read More

Set up the 4 tees as described below or in Drill #1 Four Corners. Start by setting up 4 tees 3 ft away from the cup at each of the four major corners of the hole (6 o’clock, 9 o’clock, 3 o’clock and 12 o’clock). A good way to get an approximate distance of 3 ft is to use one’s putter length. However instead of hitting 3 balls from each station, like… Read More

Short putting is one of the most important and vital elements to scoring. Often developing players get anxiety over putts from less than 5 ft because they think they “should” make them. This is Part 1 of a series of short putting drills that will make you unstoppable from short range. Drill #1 Four Corners Start by setting up 4 tees 3 ft away from the cup at each of the four… Read More

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